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The Marco Process

Whether it is a custom, semi-custom or model home, each “Marco” home is the product of a distinct vision. A vision carefully, professionally and swiftly constructed in harmony with its surroundings. With every home we build we apply a dedication and relentless drive to reach all goals of quality, deadline and budget that is second to none.

Marco Home Builders is one of the first builders on the North Shore to protect its buyers from the harsh climate of the northern suburbs by using 2x6 studs for exterior walls instead of 2x4. Homeowners who purchase a “Marco” home can rest assured that their home’s exterior is insulated to the highest quality (R19), and to a standard above what is required by industry standards.

With a Marco home, High efficiency furnaces and central humidifiers are standard. Ductwork is well designed. Installation is performed to a standard that is second to none.
Electronic Air cleaners (shown here) are upgrade options available to all.

No two homes we build are alike. With Marco Home Builders and Developers, you will be able to modify our existing floor plans and elevations to suit your individual needs.  Each home will also be customized to fit the subject property, and its surroundings. 

Also seen throughout the first floor are our own custom designed soffits.  Our standard soffit options include cove lighting, accent borders, faux painting and coffered squares with crown molding.

All secondary baths in standard homes built by Marco are decked out in porcelain from the floor, to the shower walls and wainscot too (yes wainscot is a standard item). We use the world’s finest through body and polished porcelain tile.
Your Marco home will have the natural look combined with the neat clean straight lines that manufactured tile provides.

The moment you step in a home Built by Marco Home Builders and Developers you will realize that we spare nothing in our quest to please the eye. The soft bull nose corners soothe you as they lead your eye down to the seven-inch baseboards, or up to the 5-inch crown moldings seen throughout the first floor.

We offer a granite, marble, stone and porcelain package as a standard specification in our homes.  We work with our clients directly in choosing these materials for flooring, showers, counter tops and wainscot. Using the best materials however is only the beginning.  The method of installation that we use is an age-old system brought from Marco’s native country Italy. We make our own cement sub floor on site. The cement is mixed and poured over a mesh wire that is fastened to the plywood. This creates a sub floor of cement that has NO SEAM.  Most contractors use pre-made cement boards that are screwed to the plywood piece by piece. This makes our tile floors, whether they are marble, granite, stone or porcelain, the strongest in the industry. It also eliminates the need for reducing strips at doorways because it is a much thinner (yet stronger) sub-floor.

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